Horizontal And Directional Drilling

Horizontal drilling can protect your property when installing pipes

Installing new pipes or cables can make mess of your property. Our Horizontal or directional drilling can reduce this mess and disruption.


Horizontal Drilling

Your horizontal and directional drilling pros

Check our horizontal directional drilling as a trenchless way to install underground pipes or cables along a set bore path. You can do this with minimum impact on the surrounding area, so it’s a great way to get underneath a road without having to rip them apart.

Check out all of the projects that drilling is suitable for when you give us a call. You are going to be happy that you trusted us with your drilling needs.

When you need drilling – give us a call

  • Road crossings
  • Highway crossings
  • River bores
  • Waterway creation
  • Waterway repairs

Call us today and learn if horizontal and directional drilling is best for your property.


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